[mythtv] (NEW) patch for mythVideo to use already scanned coverfile

Kevin Elliott kevin at phunc.com
Sun Jul 20 03:39:35 EDT 2003

On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 10:47:07PM -0400, Dave Alden wrote:
> Hi,
>   Uncle, Uncle...:-)
>   Here's the latest patch.  This strips off the movie extension (whatever
> follows the file dot in the filename -- note that this means you MUST have
> an extension on your movie).  It then looks for <movie>.<qt image format>
> in the same directory as the movie.  Note that ".jpg" is not a qt image
> format, but ".jpeg" is.  :-)
>   I've also modified mythvideo so that it ignores all files with
> .<qt image format>
> at the end of the filename.  This way it skips the coverfiles.
> ...dave

Congrats! Sounds great. How about having MythVideo ignore any
extensions that aren't mplayer video accepted? It would certainly
require making a list of acceptable video extensions, but I think
it would be worth it. Sometimes I get a bunch of files in my collection
(for example Thumbs.db from silly XP) that aren't videos and it
clutters up the video lists.

kevin at phunc.com

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