[mythtv] PATCH: ivtv parameter support

Mike Javorski mikej at carmelfly.com
Sat Jul 19 17:57:37 EDT 2003

here is a very rocky start of per-profile bitrate support for ivtv based
hardware MPEG2 encoder cards (Hauppauge PVR-250/350)

This patch adds an option to the video codec section of the profile
editor to enable setting of bitrate, peak bitrate and encoding mode.

Currently bitrate and peakbitrate are handled correctly, however
encoding mode (VBR or Fixed) has not been implemented; mainly because I
haven't found details on how it works yet.

This patch will also update the videodev2_myth.h file to the current
IVTV cvs version.

This patch has ONLY been tested briefly with the current IVTV
CVS-Snapshot (20030718) and I make no guarantees that it will not break
if anything changes or that your system won't burn to the ground :-)

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