[mythtv] mythtranscode problems and questions PVR-250

Geoffrey Hausheer ou401cru02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Jul 17 18:25:03 EDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:55:17 -0500, "Chris Siwiec csiwiec-at-ftdi.com
|mythtv/1.0-Allow|" <apafhi6tlh0t at sneakemail.com> said:
> 1.)   I was wondering if it will be possible one day.  Is there alot of
> code involved or can it be hacked together form other parts of the
> source.  I could re-encode the the to software mpeg4 but space is not an
> issue and mpeg2 high bit rate converts nice to svcd and vcd.
This should work as is today (asusming everything is set up properly)
Specifically (for CVS version), you need TranscoderUseCutlist set to 1,
and MaxTranscoders >= 1
The Transcoder needs to be set to use MPEG4 or RTJpeg

The only cutlist which is supported is the manual one (so the
auto-commercial detect stuff won't be used)

I don't have a PVR-250 setup yet, so I can't test it, but it should work.
 If not, it is a bug.

> 2.)   I noticed something that looked odd when I tried the mythtranscode
> command.  Is this the way it is suppose to be or a bug
> mythtranscode -p transcode -c 1047 -s 20030715110000   
> QDate::setYMD: Invalid date 2003-71-11
> Couldn't find recording 1047 Mon Feb 28 00:00:00 2935093

As of 0.10, the command should be:
mythtranscode -p transcode -c 1047 -s 2003-07-15-11-00-00

I will only support transcoder issues with recent CVS, as many changes
have occured recently.

> Transcoding from /mnt/store//1047_20030715110000_20030715113000.nuv to
> /mnt/store//1047_20030715110000_20030715113000.nuv.tmp
> Input #0, mpeg, from
> '/mnt/store//1047_20030715110000_20030715113000.nuv':
>   Stream #0.0: Video: mpegvideo, 480x480, 29.97 fps, 6000 kb/s
>   Stream #0.1: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s
> Position map found
> Unknown video codec: Hardware MJPEG
> Segmentation fault

You should have the Transcoder set to use MPEG-4 or RTJPEG, not MJPEG

  Geoffrey Hausheer

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