[mythtv] Re:mythDVD module v0.0 released

Michael Kedl kedlm at knology.net
Thu Jul 17 16:49:55 EDT 2003

That sounds very nice and "probably" better long term than these
dialogs/shell scripts.  I like sockets and am using that with the
mythdialog now for updates; but am not really sure what the advantage of
everything in the C program will be since I don't want continuous
updates anyway (machine loading).  6 or half dozen to me: I program in

This one does everything you are talking about so I will keep using it
until yours is ready :-)

The rip status is updated every 2s right now (as per the pictures I
posted a few minutes ago).  And you can leave it running in the
background to go watch tv or whatever.  (I have done this on my laptop
and not noticed any speed issues [laptop is frontend and backend since
it has a tuner card]; but not tried it on the slower machine hooked up
to the tv at home yet)

What this one is missing and I may or may not work on since the original
author would probably be doing this, is it doesn't have any settings in
the GUI yet.  I haven't done any settings files so I may look into it
just to learn how it works.  Learning new things is fun :-)


On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 15:16, thor wrote:
> On Thursday 17 July 2003 01:37 am, Michael Kedl wrote:
> > I have another version of the mythdialog/mythripdvdstat I'll send along
> > shortly. (later 2nite I hope)
> 	I am at work on my own version of "mythDVD", which is a regular myth plugin 
> (a la mythmusic or mythvideo), plus a standalone socket-based transcoding 
> daemon. Daemon approach is so that you can go into mythDVD, set up a 
> transcode/rip, and then go back and do other things. Transcoding will happen 
> in the background when other things are not taxing the box. You can go back 
> into mythDVD at any time to see how things are going. Finished file ends up 
> in the mythVideo tree.
> 	Everything in the mythDVD frontend is C++/myth code. First release of the 
> transcoding dameon will probably still contain some hack'ish transcode 
> wrappers, but that should get removed over time.
> - thor
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