[mythtv] Re:mythDVD module v0.0 released

Brian Lalor blalor at bravo5.org
Thu Jul 17 09:53:46 EDT 2003

Dwight Hubbard (dhubbard) wrote:

> I'm envisioning something along the lines of perl and python bindings for
> the various mythtv modules.  Although, an Xdialog work-alike that uses
> mythtv widgets would also have potential.

I've been giving that some thought lately.  I'd like to work on implementing 
some functionality in MythTV but my C++ skills are just about nil.  I'm fluent 
in Python, however.  There are QT bindings for Python.  Maybe I'll look into 
how one would plug Python into a C++ app.  That might make a nice add'l module.

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