[mythtv] Audio/Video changes during channel change (In progress).

Kenneth Aafløy ke-aa at frisurf.no
Thu Jul 17 04:55:42 EDT 2003

James Y. Knight wrote:

>> I've not looked into AudioParamsChanged, as it does not do that at my
>> current setup(I'll get to this when I'm done with the Xv stuff), but
> This should be easy enough, simply call
> audioOutput->Reconfigure(audio_bits, audio_channels, audio_samplerate);

Thought that this was just audio output?
Do you (or anyone else) know if libavcodec can handle such a change?

I've got it changing channels now, but as I change to the next channel, it
segfaults, something with the OSD, it's too late now, I'll continue


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