[mythtv] Re:mythDVD module v0.0 released

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Thu Jul 17 00:06:50 EDT 2003

I haven't tried this addon yet but is there an option to choose what
subtitles you want included?

For instance, in Denmark we often prefer english language with danish
subtitles if available, even to danish speech.
Which reminds me that the spoken language ought to be selectable also,
if it is not already.

How about it?


ons, 2003-07-16 kl. 21:46 skrev Michael Kedl:
> I wanted to see what you think about my idea for an "updating status window."
> I have an ugly script figure out the current frame, total frames, running time for 
> the ripper and display this along with the % done, and guestimated time remaining.
> I have 2 ways to display it currently: an old copy of mythdialog and Xdialog.
> Both are simple standalone programs that have good points: small, no other interactions,
> easy to use and test; and bad points: currently have to kill them and respawn every 5s
> so there is a "blink".
> The display appears a few seconds after you start a rip.  It is redisplayed every 5s
> with a noticeable blink for now (I welcome ideas on what to use as a replacement display
> program).  If you exit (press enter) the display it will not respawn.
> I have modified the mythfrontend DVD menu slightly so that the rip is always in the 
> background, and there are 2 new options to allow redisplaying the dialog if you
> have turned it off to do other things.  The dialog should appear within a few seconds
> after you turn it back on.
> It is still pretty ugly for now but seems to work good for me.  I thought I would
> see if you wanted to integrate it directly with your stuff.
> I am attaching my files directly since there were only small changes in yours, but
> I have added several.
> mythdvdripfe = a new mythdvdrip frontend that simply dumps the output of mythdvdrip to
> a logfile so I can figure out what frame we are at
> mythdvdrip = small change to add the spawning of mythdvdripstat
> mythdvdripstat = a program that figures out all the status info and displays it via
> mythdialog or Xdialog
> mythdvdripstop = a small program to kill the dang ripper off!
> dvd_menu.xml = changes to allow restarting the status display; changed to XVID, stop option
> Obviously a few of these things will go in the settings screen once it gets setup.
> Oh, I had to switch the encoding to XVID because the Divx5 encoder simply crashes
> when I run it.  Odd...
> I haven't tried to get status of the VOB ripping yet.
> I'm attaching mythdialog since it may be deprecated.
> Cheers,
> Mike
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