[mythtv] Adding a new TV card to lirc

a s ax763 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 16 06:36:07 EDT 2003

Thanks!  I'll probably try it even if the supplied config does work.  It's no fun if everything just installs automatically.

Fredrik Söderquist <freso326 at student.liu.se> wrote:tis 2003-07-15 klockan 21.21 skrev a s:
> I have my KWORLD 878RF working just fine (for those interested,
> options bttv type=78, tuner=2 in moduled.conf) but there is no
> built-in support for itÿs bt878-based remote receiver in lirc. This
> page http://bt848x.sourceforge.net/s_card.en.html shows gpio_mask=15
> for the card, but no other info. The current lirc CVS has a KWORLD
> model in lirc_gpio.c, but itÿs not clear that itÿs the same model. Is
> there a sane process for figuring out all of the required parameters?
Enable debug in the lirc_gpio.c file:

-static int debug = 0;
+static int debug = 1;

(that's not a patch...), doing the above changes, should render _a lot_
of debugging output (such as the value of the GPIO Data Register...).
Playing with the remote you can hopefully find out what bits you should
use in your gpio_mask (if the Kworld in there is not good enough...).

hope this ramble helps,
F. Söderquist

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