[mythtv] more mythweb updates

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Jul 15 20:09:48 EDT 2003

> I'm having some issues with this. It seems that most of your php
> sections only begin with <? rather than <?php. I'm no PHP expert but I
> thought that all PHP sections needed <?php at the beginning. They only
> need ?> at the end though. It appears that my apache/PHP setup (RH8
> stock) doesn't like not having <?php at the beginning of every section.

There are 3 ways to open a php block:

<? and <?php  are idental
there's also <?= which is essentially a shortcut for `<? echo`

I use the short open tag because I type a heck of a lot of them, and I
don't like extraneous text.  I've also noticed that MOST of the code
I've looked at (including much of the official stuff on php.net) uses
the short open tag.

I have *no* idea why redhat disables this flag by default.  I also don't
know why they enable magic quotes (escapes every single ' or " coming
into the program from any source, requiring an extra str_replace() to
make any of it useful).  Before 8.0, they left "register globals" on
(imports all get/post data into global variables with the same names),
and file uploads off.

But I do plan on including instructions for how to enable/disable
everything that will need to be done for mythweb.  Actually, the short
open tag is really the only one that should make a difference, since I
believe I can chanye any others pretty easily at runtime if I need to
use any of them.  Since we'll all be administering our own things here,
it shouldn't be too much ti ask people to turn on a flag that many of us
think should be a default, anyway.

Anyway, you're welcome to replace all of my <? with <?php but you'll run
into problems with <?= 


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