[mythtv] x10 Remote (Entertainment Anywhere/MP3 Anywhere)

hayward at slothmud.org hayward at slothmud.org
Tue Jul 15 18:31:13 EDT 2003

Thanks for the suggestions, I skipped the lirc section thinking it was 
only relavent to "IR" receivers - and not the "RF" remote that comes with 
entertainment anywhere.

Why replace irxevent with a myth driver, if it works?  Is this suggestion 
for reduced complexity during installation?  Or is there a technical 
reason for wanting to do this?

Brian Hayward

>I should have mentioned that (a) the X10 MP3-remote is only supported in
>CVS LIRC, and (b) if you want to write a driver for myth so that irxevent
>isn't needed, that'd probably be much more welcome.

Brian Hayward

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