[mythtv] New Program Listing Screen

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Jul 14 11:53:13 EDT 2003

This is really useful. It makes perfect sense to have this
information available from many places. Here are a few
observations and suggestions but no criticisms.

David Engel wrote:
> This patch adds a new screen for listing the upcoming showings of a
> single program.  I didn't include the new themes/default/pl-lines.png
> and themes/default/pl-selectbar.png files since they are the same as
> their rk- equivalents.

Of course, I read and understood this but after patching,
compiling and installing, I neglected to do the following:

   cd /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/default
   cp rk-lines.png pl-lines.png
   cp rk-selectbar.png pl-selectbar.png

> I realize this screen duplicates some of the functionality of the
> Program Finder screen.  I added this new screen for two reasons.
> First, I wanted the channel and subtitle information always visible to
> more easily find the showings I'm interested in.  With the Program
> Finder screen, this information is only visible when the particular
> showing is highlighted.  Second, I wanted to view the upcoming
> showings from multiple places within mythfrontend.  Besides from the
> Program Finder screen, this new screen can be called from the Program
> Guide and Resolve Conflicts screens.

I agree that it does appear redundant in the context of the
Program Finder but it will become comfortable to the user to
know that hitting this key on a title will always bring up this
page of information. To this end, I'd like to see this page
available from the "Set Program Rankings" page also. In fact,
for me this is the page where I'd most like to see the upcoming

For consistency sake, it would be nice to add the "i" in
addition to Enter to bring up the recording options page.

I was going to suggest a key other than "5" and use something
that most people with remotes would have mapped but have no
meaning in these contexts. "P" for pause or "Z" for commercial
skip came to mind. However, this becomes weird, magic overloading
but everybody has a "5", it doesn't conflict and it is grouped
with the magic 4 and 6 in the EPG. Like so many other keys, we
will need to have a flexible key binding solution before there
is a good way to allow that user to put this function on a key
that makes sense for their own remote control.

> Since this is my first foray into the graphical and database sides of
> mythtv, please be merciful in your criticisms.  Let me know what I've
> done wrong and I'll try to fix it.

You may or may not have coded lots of things the wrong way but
I didn't review your code. It hasn't caused any segfaults, it
appears to give correct results, it always returns to the
previous page correctly. WORKSFORME. I like it.

--  bjm

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