[mythtv] mythencode.pl script

mojo mojospam at thegeekclub.net
Mon Jul 14 01:17:24 EDT 2003

Michael J. Pedersen wrote:
> Some people are using MythMkMovie. It's at http://www.icelus.org/
> I've been quite busy lately, so haven't been able to do much with it.
> However, 1.0rc2 looks like it will be posted tonight (getting ready for
> work, so this email is short).

VERY NICE PROGRAM! although on my first run on that bad file with all 
the duplicate frames it produced nearly identical results to my own 
attempts mencoder :-(

im trying it again with the transcode option enabled... my fingers are 

i noticed one thing right away though, the video does not appear to be 
deinterlaced.. i can see the tell-tale horizontal lines when there's a 
lot of movement on the screen.  would it be possible to add that option 
for mythmkmovie 1.0-rc2? or did i just miss that somewhere? i believe 
the mencoder command line option is -vop lavcdeint but what im not sure 
about is at which point in the process you should de-interlace or if it 
should be done during every step or what the reccomended procedure on 
that is...


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