[mythtv] Re: MythTV Crashes on channel change

Martin Smith martin at spamcop.net
Fri Jul 11 18:51:51 EDT 2003

Ben Wrote:

>>This could potentially remove a lot of 'if it's DVB then do this ...'
> That's what I meant with "the decision would have to be made by the
> DVBChannel class". You could add a function to the Channel (tuning)
> class, where you give it 2 channels and it tells you, if it can tune to
> both at the same time. This would be more flexible IMHO. 

Yes it definitely works but I'm not 100% convinced about the flexibility
argument yet. 

The DVB Channel object includes the card number. This complicates the notion of
"are these channels compatibile" because it has to consider card level things
that are not channel properties if you see what I mean. 

For DVB an additional channel can only be recorded if there are less than four
open captures on the same card and the frequency etc. matches. The channel
object probably shouldn't have the knowledge of who else is using the card at
the same time.

If this info on how cards can share tuners and channels was put into the
database then it would work for analogue, DVB and other types of card in future
without code changes to scheduling each time. For example combined TV/Radio
cards that can only do one thing at a time should fit in neatly.

I guess there's no harm in me playing with this idea a bit and seeing if it does
actually work?


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