[mythtv] mythencode.pl script

mojo mojospam at thegeekclub.net
Fri Jul 11 06:58:56 EDT 2003

Michael J. Pedersen wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 02:18:46AM -0500, mojo wrote:
>>i noticed that the updated mythecode.pl with 0.10 is still broken...
> Some people are using MythMkMovie. It's at http://www.icelus.org/
> I've been quite busy lately, so haven't been able to do much with it.
> However, 1.0rc2 looks like it will be posted tonight (getting ready for
> work, so this email is short).
>>I still havent figured out why i'm getting tons of these errors:
>>Pos: 910.4s  24844f (71%)  29fps Trem:   5min 153mb  A-V:-0.068 [910:96]
>>1 duplicate frame(s)!
>>Pos: 910.8s  24854f (71%)  29fps Trem:   5min 153mb  A-V:-0.068 [910:95]
>>1 duplicate frame(s)!
> Not sure of the source within MythTV, but I do know this: your file has
> duplicate frames which mencoder will skip, even with the -noskip and
> -pleasedontskipframeseventhoughtheyareduplicategodimbeggingyou flags.
> Very frustrating, and there's not much to be done about it. And if you
> think the number of dupes is bad now, you should have seen what they
> were like in 0.7 (at least 1 per second). Now it's dropped way down (at
> least for me).
> Solutions with mythencode.pl? Don't have nay, not yet. But at least
> there's some information for you to try.

ROFL... yeah i just spent half the night reading the mencoder mailing 
list archives and trying the -noskipyourewastingyourtimetryingthisoption 
options... it boggles my mind that it plays the damned file fine!! i do 
notice an increase/decrease in the number of duplicates i get depending 
on my source recording codec settings... i'm hoping that transcoding 
will allow me to record to something that should not drop any frames. 
Like recording to rtjpeg then converting to mpeg4 without the 
commercials to save space... the resulting mpeg4s should then not have 
any duplicate frames because no frames ever got dropped... right? 
(please say yes... i desparately need hope)

hmmm.. MythMKmovie eh? im going out of town for a wedding this weekend 
but i will try that... the other thing i considered is that if mplayer 
plays it back just fine there must be someway to dump it to disk or run 
the video output on that computer into the DVI inputs of another windows 
computer... haha... im nuts i know but i promised my friend i'd record 
this show for him and its real important to him cause he knows some of 
the people appearing in the TV show and wants a digital copy of it.. and 
he doesnt use linux!

anyway.. thanks for the help... i read so many archive posts on this 
topic that went unsolved i was getting to wonder if anyone cared about 


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