[mythtv] mythencode.pl script

mojo mojospam at thegeekclub.net
Fri Jul 11 03:18:46 EDT 2003

i noticed that the updated mythecode.pl with 0.10 is still broken...
the second pass never executes on 2 pass encodes. i did some searching 
on the web about the exec() perl command and it appears that is the 
wrong command to use. exec() will abandon the host script in favor of 
whatever command or script it executes and does not return to the 
original script which called it so that the "exec $pass2" command never 
gets executed (nor does any code inserted after it). To fix this simply 
replace all instances of 'exec' (i see only three) with 'system' and its 
fixed (both passes run). Or the workaround would be to just always do 
one-pass encodes.

Also the second pass should also include vhq and v4mv options if they 
are used in the first pass (which they are).


I still havent figured out why i'm getting tons of these errors:

Pos: 910.4s  24844f (71%)  29fps Trem:   5min 153mb  A-V:-0.068 [910:96]
1 duplicate frame(s)!
Pos: 910.8s  24854f (71%)  29fps Trem:   5min 153mb  A-V:-0.068 [910:95]
1 duplicate frame(s)!

perhaps my recording settings are too high (mpeg4, 2200 on an XP1700) 
and frames are getting dropped? fyi, those errors have nothing to do 
with the script as i get them even when i do a simple 'mencoder -oac 
copy -ovc copy -idx -o output.avi'... i'd be most grateful if anyone 
could shed some light on that topic for me... I'm not the only one, 
there is another guy on the users list experiencing the same thing.  All 
of these files play fine in myth, but the converted versions have poor 
audio/video sync.


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