[mythtv] Database normalization things

mike wildcard at illuminatus.org
Wed Jul 9 13:26:32 EDT 2003


Does anyone have any objections to normalizing the database to some
extent?  Most of these changes would be fairly easy, even cosmetic in
some cases, but "correct".

Things I plan on doing:

1. Primary keys on all tables are autoincrement-ints.  This would make
sure that any table can be joined on a key.

2. Change cases of primary keys convering multiple columns to unique
keys.  Again, this would help future joins.

3. Add keys to fields that are frequently looked at.

4. Other random cosmetic things.

I'm hope to make sure this requires no code changes.  There are a number
of other things that could be done, but they would all require recoding.

Mike Nugent
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