[mythtv] MythMusic crashes scanning for music BT included

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Mon Jul 7 11:24:44 EDT 2003

On Monday 07 July 2003 09:16 am, Steve Brown wrote:
> I've got an issue with MythMusic 0.10 when 'scanning for music' and have
> included a backtrace below in case it's any help.

	The bt is not terribly useful without mythmusic having been built for 
debugging. You can do that by changing the top lines in settings.pro in the 
main mythmusic directory (and rebuilding it).

	I have a thought about what might be going on here, but not sure. A debugged 
bt might help. Also, do you have ignore ID3 tags set and do you know if the 
mp3 it's dying on has any tags inside it (artist, album, etc.)?

- thor

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