[mythtv] New version of mythtv Installation Script

Dwight Hubbard (dhubbard) dhubbard at dwightandamy.com
Sun Jul 6 15:44:19 EDT 2003

> I can't really try this on my Debian systems, as it immediately tries to
> do
> a number of things that I would rather it didn't do (such as install a lot
> of perl modules from CPAN which I already have).

I'll see about making that portion a bit smarter.

> It looks interesting, but I am a bit confused about its intended purpose.
> Is it meant to replace (or provide an alternative for) distribution
> packages
> (such as the Red Hat and Debian packages), the mythtv-setup program, or
> both?

It overlaps with both, it should server a purpose similar to other
installers like the Ximian desktop installer which installs and configures
all the Ximian stuff.

I envision it handling pretty much all the initial install, build and
configuration in one place instead of the current install packages,
manually set some stuff up and run the mythtv setup program.

It doesn't elimanate the need for the current mythtv setup application
since it is needed to change the configuration after the installation is

When it works, it should reduce the need for vendor specific packages
because the same installer can perform the installation on multiple Linux
distributions.  Also, the installer can build from cvs.

The main advantage of the installer over packages is it is able to
interact with the user to determine how things should be set up.

An example of this that I am currently working on is and adding code that
detects the presence of XV support and will provide the user the option of
installing a video driver with the necessary support (I'm currently
working on getting the installation of the NVidia commercial drivers and
the ATI Gatos CVS devel drivers working.)

I plan on also scanning for video tuners and prompting the user if they
want it to install/configure the tuner card.  I.E. compile and install the
necessary kernel modules for the PVR 250/350 or set the correct tuner type
for bttv cards that aren't detected correctly, etc.

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