[mythtv] [Patch] fix for LiveTV to WatchingRecording weirdness

avalanche at beyondmonkey.com avalanche at beyondmonkey.com
Sun Jul 6 19:39:20 EDT 2003

This one should fix the problems with shows not being recorded
if LiveTV was active and maybe some other problems.

in short:
Thread timing issues in the frontend made it possible for messages 
to be processed faster than the frontend state was switched, 
resulting in random weirdness like shows not recorded etc.

longer version, this is how it should work:
Watching LiveTV, LiveTV -> WatchingRecording, second show starts
scheduler tells backend to start recording, backend sends recording 
finished msg (first show) to frontend (frontend goes to WatchingLiveTV), 
backend sends LiveTV ready msg to frontend (frontend tells backend to start 

If the second backend msg is sent before TV::HandleStateChange() is called
by the TV thread, TV::customEvent will use the old state values and not
call TVRec::TriggerRecordingTranssition, resulting in not recording.

With the patch TV::customEvent waits till the state change is finished.


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