[mythtv] Bug: Not recording after conflict with live tv

Bryan Murphy bryan at terralab.com
Sun Jul 6 11:19:54 EDT 2003

I don't know if this will help or not, but here's some more information 
for the puzzle.  I frequently get lockups and/or crashes when a program 
is supposed to start recording.  Sometimes, it works, sometimes it 
doesn't.  If found that it's more likely to die if I'm doing something 
such as flipping through channels or playing around with the OSD button 
at that time.  If I'm doing that, the front end usually crashes and/or 
locks up.  Frequently, however, if I'm watching Live TV and walk away 
from the TV while it's playing, a timed recording may come up.  When 
this happens, this is usually when the backend locks up.  The only way I 
can consistently get MythTV to record without any problems is to turn 
off Live TV when I'm not actually watching it and to restart the 
frontend whenever it crashes.

Another backend lockup I can replicate frequently is to go into the 
"Delete Recordings" screen and delete a recording that is currently in 
progress.  This usually causes the backend to die.  If I play the 
current show as it's recording, then exit it, and select Delete this 
Recording after exiting it it usually deletes it successfully.

The other crash I frequently get is after using XMMS.  I use XMMS to 
play music because I'm having problems getting Myth music and all it's 
dependencies compiled.  When I exit XMMS, and then try to watch a video 
Myth frontend will almost always crash and I'll have to restart it 3 or 
4 times before it will start playing again.  My guess is this is an alsa 
problem.  Alsa might be holding onto /dev/dsp for a few seconds longer 
than the program is running.  Still would be nice if it didn't crash and 
popped up an error message saying it couldn't initialize sound would you 
like to try again?

Finally, while I'm on a roll, I have one MAJOR suggestion that should 
impove the overall quality of the product for everybody.  When doing 
anything that involes changing the audio stream (such as changing the 
channel), you should mute the audio for a second or two. I frequently 
get loud screeches, cracks, and pops while switching channels.  This can 
be incredibly irritating, especially when you've been watching a rather 
quite show and had to turn the volume up.  I can't image it's good for 
my speakers either.

I'm running 0.10 and have a PVR-250 if that helps. 


>> I was watching live TV at 20:15 when Stargate was about to start, the 
>> usual dialog came up, telling me to decide between continuing live 
>> tv, exiting live tv and watching the recording. I chose to exit. 
>> Nevertheless, I now see that Stargate didn't get recorded. Andromeda, 
>> at 22:15 immediately following Stargate, did get recorded.
>> I see nothing relevant in the backend log - in fact, I don't even see 
>> an "Changing from None to RecordingOnly" entry for Andromeda.
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> I would like to mention that i to have this problem.But also tonight
> while watching live tv a recording was about to start and i told it to 
> watch live tv and not record.
> Guess what ? It switched channels and started recording.

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