[mythtv] [THEME] SasQuatch theme updated to latest level.

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Sat Jul 5 19:35:41 EDT 2003

Hello again.

I am pretty happy with the way the SasQuatch theme looks now, so I have
uploaded my version of it to www.martinm-76.dk/mythtv/ for all to get.

The theme was originally developed by Tarek, whom I have not seen any
posts from in quite a while.

It would seem that versions of SasQuatch have been quietly released up
until the beginnig of may at the below addresss:


The SasQuatchOSD theme is there as well, last updated in may also.

I just tried the SasQuatch- theme and it seems to work quite
well, but the letters seem a big too big for me. It also doesn't contain
the ranking modifications, but that should be easily remedied.

I will try to see if I can strike a balance more to my liking.
Tarek, are you out there?

Comments on both version of the themes very welcome.


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