[mythtv] New version of mythtv Installation Script

Cedar McKay cedarmckay at mac.com
Fri Jul 4 17:49:11 EDT 2003

> Gentoo does not need an installer script.  The Gentoo ebuilds work
> great.
> Additionally, I think one of Gentoo's strong points is that there is
> only one installation mechanism.  Adding custom interface for a single
> application adds something more to be maintained and yet another
> interface for users to learn.

the gentoo builds (at least when I tried them) didn't do nice stuff 
like ask for your TV provider info, or have a nice easy to understand 
selection of release or cvs, debug or no. And I imagine the installer 
will continue to evolve perhaps asking you questions about whether you 
want to upgrade your database or do a fresh install or whatever. This 
script doesn't need to replace apt or emerge, it uses them! But it 
makes a nice windows style install experience that is really easy for a 
newbie. I enjoy showing off my Myth system to friends and family, and I 
tell them how hard it was for me to get going (this was the days back 
before Robert's documentation and when I knew a lot less about linux) 
but I don't ever tell them to go ahead and give it a shot. It is too 
hard for people used to windows. If all they had to get through was a 
Red Hat or Mandrake install (very windows like) and then run this 
installer script and be done, then maybe I could recommend mythtv to my 
parents some day.


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