[mythtv] Automatic deletion

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Thu Jul 3 17:54:26 EDT 2003

> I have working code right now which implements AutoExpiration of old
> files based upon record date.  The code is designed to allow easy plugin
> of other expiration methods.  It runs as a thread on each backend and uses
> Myth's internal message passing code so it doesn't have to open any socket
> connections.

If you have a moment and could send a quick diff my way I'd be very
interested. I was having trouble devising one that didn't essentially
duplicate what HandleQueryFreeSpace and HandleDeleteRecording did. However
those routines annoyingly were very much tied to the idea of there being a

I don't know if you've implemented it this way but that path I was taking
was going to add a new field to the record and recorded tables (and
eventually recording profiles). I was going to make it an int, default to 0
(meaning don't participate in auto-expire), any other value I was going to
consider the expiration policy (similar to how the recording type is

Anduin Withers

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