[mythtv] [OSD] SasQuatchOSD updated and adapted.

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Fri Jul 4 01:51:45 EDT 2003

As far as I can tell this OSD theme now works pretty nicely with MythTV
in it's later incarnations. There may be one or two areas that could use
a bit more aestethics, but my attempts at doing so only made things
worse off so I gave up on that.

I hope other people will enjoy having this OSD back. I know I missed it

If anyone wants to pick up the torch, be my guest. Where did the
original author go and would he like to continue the work?


Hmm.. It's too big for the list. Get it from
http://www.martinm-76.dk/mythtv/ in stead.

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