[mythtv] more mythweb updates

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Thu Jul 3 19:40:03 EDT 2003

Interesting, but for some reason all I get are 0 byte files, even after
having generated the files in mythtv. If I copy them over manually, it
works fine...

Not sure if this is relevant:

| value            | data           | hostname  |
| RecordFilePrefix | /Multimedia/TV | NULL      |
| RecordFilePrefix | /Multimedia/TV | monsterpc |

Everyone can read the directory and the files in it.
Not that it would be all that difficult to just copy them in there once
in a while, but the point was to be able to do without that, right?

PHP version : 4.2.2 - Distro: SuSE Linux 8.1

mythweb is on the same machine as mythbackend.

tor, 2003-07-03 kl. 16:19 skrev Jonathan Kolb:
> > On that note, is there a way I can query the backend to give me a png or
> > other image for a recording, from a specific timestamp?  I'd like to
> > provide thumbnails for recordings, but the first frame is probably a bad
> > choice since most of the time it is of a commercial.
> The attached patch will give you the same preview thumbnails that you get on
> the recordings screen in the frontend.  It will also generate any missing
> thumbnails, and cache them on the webserver.  Make sure that the images/
> subdir is writable by your httpd user so it can put the pngs there.
> Jon
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