[mythtv] Bug: Not recording after conflict with live tv

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Jul 3 01:12:48 EDT 2003

On Thursday 03 July 2003 12:01 am, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> I am using CVS version from Jun 21/22.
> I was watching live TV at 20:15 when Stargate was about to start, the
> usual dialog came up, telling me to decide between continuing live tv,
> exiting live tv and watching the recording. I chose to exit.
> Nevertheless, I now see that Stargate didn't get recorded. Andromeda, at
> 22:15 immediately following Stargate, did get recorded.
> I see nothing relevant in the backend log - in fact, I don't even see an
> "Changing from None to RecordingOnly" entry for Andromeda.

Try to reproduce with a more recent version, as several fixes have gone into 
the scheduler since then.  Run mythbackend in verbose mode to see what it's 


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