[mythtv] Preset patch and mythchannel status

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Thu Jul 3 01:40:02 EDT 2003

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Subject: [mythtv] Preset patch and mythchannel status

> I am back... I sort a lots of email war between Isaac and Ramon about the
> preset patch and the mythchannel patch. I want to add my 0.02 Euro to the
> thread.
nice to see you back amigo ;)

Frankly, i'm not interested in doing any war at all. For sure Isaac's work
on this project it's outstanding. I've seen him very busy on the tv_grab_na
the very last days, which btw i don't understand at all what happened
exactly, well, i'm in xmltv project also, seen many mails there  (which I
didn't read them all, I recognize), and I've got sometimes also broken
listings because of the source, but I can't figure out why in this case it
needed a change at mythtv, my listings have been working all the time, can
anybody give me a short summary? to know about this experience could be
useful to others . Maybe looking to the changes into the code I can find an
asnwer to that as well.
What I certainly see is a matter of priorities, since Isaac owns the
project, make sense that his priorities are mythtv priorities so he will
simply queue them in the way that he thinks is ok, but at a certain point,
those could be distinct than mine or others, and then, look like a
bottleneck. I developed the channels stuff as a dynamic library (plugin)
trying to be as much as possible safe and not intrusive to the existing
code...  Maybe someone can have better ideas for doing so.
As I announced into my roadmap, one of my priorities is to provide a solid
basemenet for handling with channels looking for the coexeistence between
analog anf digital tv. currently the fact is that if someone doesn't provide
this, to support digital tv within mythtv is also a myth. Just as was a myth
to use mythtv with channels that don't have xmltv listings without channel
editing and manual recording. Current way of using xmltv and filldatabase
looks obsolete to me for doing this part of the job.
Going into that direction, I do try to contribute where I feel that I can
and considering the restrictions that I have. In fact it takes a me a lots
of efforts since i was not familiar with c++, qt, etc, however, I'm just
trying to do my best for what i do think might be useful to others, but
certainly sometimes I'm not sure that if there is a real interest of this
thing being happen or my contributions are good enough, I just can see that
this is a major milestone.

> To Ramon: I agree with Isaac about the dependency of mplayer. Throw it
> You can use the TV object, like in the manualbox.cpp. yes, it is slow, but
> it is better to tune the channel using the object you'll use to watch it.

As I said in previous messsages, no problem for me for throwing it away.
Currently can be done just commenting a dozen of lines. To zap between
channels wasn't the real goal for me (it was a "collateral" feature, hehe),
the real thing is being able to edit channels, and now, it is to fill
channel_dvb. Current mplayer stuff is well encapsulated within objects so to
replace it will not be complicated, what I do find complicated is to get
live tv from current embeded player and how to control it without having to
commit the changes into the database before the user accepts. That makes
this development more complex given my current, even dangerous, level of
understanding of mythtv code.  Sincerely, to me looks like what we call a
"chapuza" (not clean), but of course everybody is free to do/think what they
want, as I hope to be also. Isn't Linux a aparadigm of freedom? Maybe that's
easy and somebody can't point me or other volunteers how to do so, however
it didn't happened....Sooner or later maybe I'll be familiar with that
player. If I work to support coexistence of sources I'll have to, but now,
back to the priorities thing, rather than going to this, I just prefer to
finish filling dvb data, first manually, and once it works (I'm close to
that already), somewhat automatic either grabbing the data from the internet
or scanning... anyway those are only plans, I can't promise anything until I
have it. Anyway I'm thinking on taking some rest for a few days to clarify
my ideas. I don't want to get stressed for something that's supposed to be
for enjoying.

If the people around there think that I'm stupid, wrong, wasting time or
whatever, just tell me, I have no problem on hearing that, I can take it as
a lesson and I can always get back to vdr and link it with a button.

Well, is past night here, time to go to bed, tomorrow I've to get back to
work and I have also a volley match at the beach, does anybody want to join?
good night to everybody!

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