[mythtv] For the release of 0.11

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Jul 2 15:34:56 EDT 2003

> Multiple profiles are already there.

I've often wondered how to use these...  By default, I see three
profiles:  Transcode, Live TV, Default...

If I add another, and give it a different name, how do I tell myth to
use that profile to record/transcode something?  

Personally, I really see this divided up by something like:


I personally don't see much need for the recording profile to ever
change beyond a default setting (why would you want to record things in
different qualities - wouldn't you just record the best you can all the
time?), and especially once transcoding works properly, recordings could
be scheduled to transcode into whatever format the user wants (it would
be *really* nice to get some mpeg[12] support into myth, but that's just
me dreaming)..

Anyway, I doubt this will happen, but thought I'd mention it as a
possible way to organize things.


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