[mythtv] Automatic deletion

Cedar cedarmckay at mac.com
Wed Jul 2 14:02:05 EDT 2003

> Chris, I agree in spirit with what you are suggesting but I
> think there should be a "keep" bool for the recorded table
> that means that a file is not eligible for automatic deletion
> under any circumstances. I'd hate to have a terrible surprise
> if I went on vacation.
> Using the ranking as a factor in weighting automatic deletion
> is a great idea but there really should be other factors in the
> scoring too. Age and number of episodes should also figure into
> deciding what to delete. Tivo uses only age and treats number
> of episodes as an exception. I think a system that considers
> rank, age and episodes for scoring would be much slicker.

The current (kick ass by the way) ranking system "inherits" configurable 
values from parameters like channel and type of recording (one time, 
weekslot, etc), then you can add or subtract manually on top of that. 
Perhaps the delete system should be similar, inheriting a (configurable) 
deletion score based on age, original rank, and number of episodes, then 
on top of that you can add a manual offset. They would be sorted on 
screen in the order that they would be deleted if need be.

Show         Age Score         Original Rank Score         # episodes 
score      Manual offset         Final Score
Seinfeld         2                              1                        
         5                                 1                        9     
Scrubs           1                              3                      
           1                                 0                       5

So Seinfeld would be deleted first. If you didn't like that you could 
jack up the manual score to get it over 9, or lower Seinfeld's offset to 
get it below 5.

To sum up I absolutely love the current ranking system, so if that same 
idea and interface could be extended to auto-deletion that would be great.



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