[mythtv] more mythweb updates

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Jul 2 17:38:26 EDT 2003

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> > And even though restricted by bandwidth I would still love 
> to be able to
> > access the video streams over the internet, even if it wouldn't be
> > actually usable for viewing purposes it would still be useful to for
> > example check if the correct program had been recorded.
> sort of like a "recording details" page?  That's doable.  The *main*
> issue with this is that the web stuff needs to be able to exist on a
> separate machine (even though it may not be in most cases), so someone
> would have to give me the backend commands to pull video from there
> rather than from a filename that the webserver may not have 
> access to. 
> Plus, you'd need a browser plugin capable of displaying the .nuv.

Ah yes, hadn't thought of that. I forgot that not everybody uses a
PVR-250/350 ;-)

(even though it still has the problem that .nuv files are not recognized
by most players because they expect .mpg, ah well)

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