[mythtv] For the release of 0.11

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Jul 2 11:19:48 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 02 July 2003 04:35 am, Jared Verdi wrote:
> Now that 0.10 is out, I was wondering, what's next?  Are there landmarks
> to be worked towards for the next release to be considered ready?
> One thing I would particularly like to see is for ALL configuration to
> be available through the frontend settings.  Want to add another button
> to the main menu?  Boom, add button feature in the settings menu.  Same
> for remove.
> I run myth in my car and I think this would be a wonderful way to change
> things.  As myth is primarily designed for alternative display devices,
> i.e. Televisions, this would make all changes easier and more
> appropriate, no?
> Secondly, the ability to import and export all of myth's settings.  I
> would love to be able to go to a section of mythtv's website and
> download other configurations and play with additions other people have
> made...  playing dvds, vcds, etc, etc.  I'm sure people have a few nifty
> tricks they could share and this would make it nice and easy.
> I want to hear everyone's ideas for the next release.  Lots of times
> programs have to work to overcome bugs and performance, but in my
> opinion there isn't too much of an issue with that in myth's case.  Of
> course there are bugs here and there, but even cvs releases have seemed
> pretty solid to me -- myth releases are primarily extending and adding
> entirely new features, so maybe a roadmap would be a good thing.

I look forward to all of your patches.


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