[mythtv] Automatic deletion

Kirby Vandivort kvandivo at ks.uiuc.edu
Wed Jul 2 09:58:54 EDT 2003

I agree with A on this one.  It's better to not artificially inflate
any number for a purpose other than what it was intended for.  

There was talk a few days ago of deleting rows from the oldrecorded
table in order to be able to rerecord shows (that myth normally wouldn't
record because it had already recorded them).

When doing this, it seems fine at the time, but you never know what
future mods you might mess up by tweaking something for a secondary 

For instance, I'm still in the process of designing some sort of
'recommendations' feature for myth where it will be able to recommend
shows that it thinks you might like.

I noted that the program ranking feature could play a nice roll in
determining recommendations.  If you rank something higher, that should
mean that you like it more; not just that you don't want it deleted
right now.

Similarly, I'm using entries in the 'oldrecorded' table to denote some
level of satisfaction with a show.  If rows are randomly removed from
'oldrecorded' (so that they can be recorded again) this would have a
negative effect on recommendations.  

Better to simply add a flag for what we need.  Or, one could add unique
IDs to the table rows and then be able to have seperate tables for
these things (using foreign key concepts) without having to pollute the
main tables.

Anyway, that's my opinion of what's going to cause the least pain down
the road.


On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 09:46:05AM -0400, Chris Pinkham wrote:
> Just to make sure my intended meaning came across, I meant to change
> the recorded instance of the program to 1000, not the 'record' record
> (which would make this program always record since it has a high rating).
> This would be great to get into 0.11 if someone can start tackling it.
> > > If you want a program to never be deleted, then set it's rating
> > > very high (like 1000) so it would always have the highest rating
> > > and never be auto-deleted.
> > 
> > Everything except this bit was rather what I had in mind. While I haven't
> > used the rating system yet I don't fancy using it to artificially inflate a
> > program's deletion schedule. There should just be another flag so people can
> > preserve what they like. Maybe someday with more complex recording
> > "profiles" it could even be determined when setting up the recording type.
> Chris
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