[mythtv] For the release of 0.11

Jason Cooper jcooper at nevernight.net
Wed Jul 2 08:40:53 EDT 2003

Jared Verdi (jnverdi at optonline.net) wrote:
> Now that 0.10 is out, I was wondering, what's next?  Are there landmarks
> to be worked towards for the next release to be considered ready?  
> I want to hear everyone's ideas for the next release.  Lots of times
> programs have to work to overcome bugs and performance, but in my
> opinion there isn't too much of an issue with that in myth's case.  Of
> course there are bugs here and there, but even cvs releases have seemed
> pretty solid to me -- myth releases are primarily extending and adding
> entirely new features, so maybe a roadmap would be a good thing.
> Jared Verdi

I'm relatively new to mythtv, and I know these ideas were probably
mentioned before, but since a roadmap has been requested, I'll try to
collect this into a quasi proposal.

First, I'm refering only to mythtv as that is all I have used so far.

I'm trying to keep it general so it applies to all users.  

1.) Focus on some sort of integrated archiving interface (eg cut to
SVCD).  I know discussion has been batted around, is anyone actively
working on it yet?  

2.) bulk up auto-commercial skipping.  Is volume intensity being used to
assist in the commercial detection?  

3.) Search listings engine.  What if I want anything with 'Julia
Roberts' or similar to be flagged for recording?  How to input the
search words?

That's all the general things I can think of for right now... Let me
know what you think or even if I have my head up my ass. *8v)


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