[mythtv] more mythweb updates

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Jul 1 01:23:12 EDT 2003

Things have slowed down a bit at work (finally) so I've managed to put
some effort into mythweb.

I've been trying to get as many sections "working" as I can, but I took
a bit of time tonight to encapsulate as much information as possible
inside of objects..  Thus, there is one object for "program" - whether
it's recorded, scheduled (data from mythbackend) or in the listing (data
from mysql).  This isn't done yet, but it will make updates a LOT
easier, since there should be NO duplication of code like there is in
the current mythweb.

I also rewrote and cleaned up much of the mythbackend stuff.

Anyway, currently, the main things left are to finish the scheduled
programs info (which is now combined with fix_conflicts because they go
together nicely) and searching.  After that, I'll let Isaac call it an
official beta release and send it out into the world for testing/cvs
(since at that point, I'll be happy to accept help with the movies
listing, etc).

For those who want to take a look at my code (which unfortunately now
needs to be cleaned up again), it's available semi-daily at:


and for those who are curious, check out the recorded_programs stuff - I
wanted to include a javascript confirmation popup, but to appease those
who don't want jscript, the page actually uses jscript to rewrite itself
to enable the popup - quite proud of getting that to work.  :)

I'm still looking for someone to help me with a web version of
mythweather, and as always, am hoping to find some way to integrate this
with mythmusic, so I can use the web interface to control music playback
on various frontends.

Oh, and quite a bit of work still needs to be done on the interface.


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