[mythtv] *New* [APP/patch] MythChannels

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Tue Jul 1 00:30:33 EDT 2003

> How about adding colour, brightness, and contrast
> adjustments to the Channel Tuning capabilities?
> Myth stores the settings channel by channel,
> so this would be a nice place to utilize them)

Is there now, download again.
I thought that this was already available within the tv vieweng, however I'm
finding this also convenient for fast zapping on live TV in fullscreen mode
(F Key) so.... Some more keys and weill be a fast browse/zap app, restricted
to live tv of course, but might make sense if you want to risign
timeshifting for faster zapping and higher quality picture.
Only be aware that mplayer uses xv video, however I adjusted the scale so
the result should be somewhat equivalent. Tell me if not and I'll adjust.

Some other updates:
-The intermediate menu is now out. I can provide those options within the
navigation tree, so it gets simpler.
-Added metadata stuff to support DVB channels.

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