[mythtv] Only recording at ~12fps problem

Dave dave_fluff at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 31 17:14:38 EST 2003

Well, I've fixed my earlier problems with jittery sound, by ditching
the on-board sound in favour of an SB-128 PCI.  Sound recorded and
played back is now much nicer.

However, Myth is still apparently only recording at around 12.5
frames-per-second.  From watching a recording (or "live") you can tell
it's only doing ~12fps.  If I use mplayer to playback, mplayer doesn't
get the fps from the file, so does 25fps, which is too fast, so I have
to force it to -fps 12.5.  If I use OSS drivers instead of ALSA, Myth
itself plays back at 25fps, even though recordings are 12.5fps.  In
this state, watching "Live" shows 1 second of video in 0.5 seconds,
pausing for the other 0.5sec to catch-up.  If I pause live, then come
out of pause, the video plays back at double speed until it catches up
with the recording, at which point it goes back to it's 50/50 play/hold

I've looked all over for somewhere to set the fps rate, even digging in
the database, but can't see it anywhere.  MPEG-4 and RTJPeg both behave
about the same.  I've tried with "De-intelace" on and off.

I'm using regularly updated grabs of Myth 0.8 from the CVS.  Using a
Matrox G450 for capture.


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