[mythtv] Followup Re: mythfrontend on Via EPIA M - success (sort of)

Larry Matter mythtv at matter.net
Thu Jan 30 15:06:53 EST 2003

> Isn't the EPIA an ITX board though? That should give you more variety
> for attractive cases. Or you could build your own. See
> http://mini-itx.com/ for some inspiring examples.

Precisely why I am going to try to stick with it; I like the itx cases and
they're cheap.

> Have you looked at Zalman's products? The link below is for a heatsink
> that's rated to cool basically anything current in "silent mode", where
> the fan should be nearly inaudible.

I have.  Another problem with slim micro atx cases is there is not much
headroom for a heatsink.  The zalman "flower" would probably work if you
could mount the fan sideways and blow out towards the PSU.  But then you
have to find a motherboard with the CPU socket facing the right direction
AND without huge capacitors crammed right up against the socket.  I
actually spent a lot of time looking at this but it was starting to feel
"obsessive" without much promise.  So I took another look at the EPIA and
here I am.

> I'm looking forward to the next generation of products with a bit more
> horsepower. They should make very nice frontends.

Yep, me too.  Maybe I can talk them into an evaluation copy :-)


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