[mythtv] XV, alternative output & independant OSD resolution (was: Overscan GUI problem)

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 29 09:03:53 EST 2003

At 28-1-03 00:45, Bruce Markey wrote:
>Brian Foddy wrote:
>>I have noticed something wierd however, with the capture size set
>>at 352x480, the OSD fonts are tiny, almost unreadable.  Other
>>resolutions work fine.  I haven't tried all the possible settings
>>to see which work and which don't.  Unfortunately, 352 is
>>the resolution that works best for my machine right now.
>Fixed in CVS. The fonts and OSD will scale correctly for any
>recording resolution in 0.8.

That is probably not what he meant. The issue is that the OSD is put into 
the frame to display, which is scaled by XV _after_ that. Which means that 
although your normal menu resolution can be 800x600, if you are watching a 
low-res capture (say 320x240) your OSD is displayed on top of the show with 
that resolution.

I ran into a serious limitation here, I have 95% finished implementing 
subtitling support for Myth, but my machine can't process 640x480 so I am 
limited developing for 320x240. Which means I nearly can't decipher the 
subtitles I display :-(

Is there a way to have a OSD window masked or alphablended on top of a 
scaled XV output? If not I will have to resort to software upscaling which 
would _really_ be a waste of CPU.

Any ideas for an alternative to XV which would support a different 
resolution for the video and the overlayed OSD would be appreciated as well.


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