[mythtv] Tuner trouble...

John johnmythtv at crombe.com
Mon Jan 27 17:55:24 EST 2003

Hi Chris,

Thanks.  You've helped.  Now for the first time, I have the fb doing the
video output (/dev/fb0), plus I have the /dev/video both working together.

Still can't tune though.  One question on your setup below...

Your first line is to load the module "i2c-algo-ks".  When I try that, I get
missing dependencies.  If I load i2c-core first, it fixes it, but does that
break other things?

Also, I find I have to load i2c-algo-bit in order to satisfy other
dependencies, but you don't?

Finally, could you post your XF86Config-4 file?


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> On Monday 27 January 2003 07:11 am, John wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Well, I've probably got 60+ hours into trying to get my Matrox G200 card
> > working and am very close but not "quite" there!  Maybe someone out
> > can help please?
> I just got mine last week.  I still haven't decided if it was worth it
> Software playback of MJPEG takes serious cpu time and I've lost decent 3d
> acceleration for ePSXe and PCSX.  The TV-out is better than with my GF2MX
> though, and soon I plan on getting the marvel and my bt878 to cooperate
> each other offering a fair amount of recording versatility.
> >
> > What should my Matrox G200 TV card be detected as in BTTV for "tuner"
> > "card" ??
> >
> > Also, is my G200 supposed to be able to be both a Tuner, and also output
> > the video simultaneously?  It seems like I can either get the fb0 to
> > and my output is "copied" to the video out, OR I can get the /dev/video0
> > work - and hence mythtv finds it and is happy, but not both.  Is that
> > right? (Note: the card worked fine in Windows).
> >
> >  In case it helps, my modules.conf, syslog, dmesg, and XF86Config-4
> > are
> > attached.  Note, I tried the bttv option pll=0, 1, and 2 and that didn't
> > help, and in xawtv, hitting right-arrow to walk through the frequencies
> > didn't
> > work either.
> >
> Yes, it all works at the same time.  It sounds like you're trying to go
> through bttv to get at the marvel capture functions though.  You should
> load the bttv kernel module unless you have a bttv card.  Currently you
> usually have to build bttv while compiling the kernel to get at a lot of
> miscellanious modules like tuner.o or msp3400.o.
> Here's what modules I load and the order in which I load them.
> mga /* DRM driver for remembering what prehistoric 3d acceleration was
like */
> i2c-algo-ks
> msp3400 /* I'm not sure if the bttv msp3400 will work, I use the one from
> mgavideo */
> ks0127
> tuner type=2 /* if you're using mgavideo 1.1b the bttv tuner.o will work
> */
> videodev
> mga_core vdo_enable=0 /* vdo_enable=1 will cause your tv to lose sync
> you do something related to capture */
> mgagrab
> mgacap
> mgavideo default_norm=1
> zr36060
> i33
> mgajpg
> i2c-matroxfb
> matroxfb_maven
> After this I do the framebuffer swap and maven register adjustments.  If
> you're using your TV don't load the maven.o from mgavideo, in fact loading
> anything not listed here won't gain you anything.  You also have no need
> the matroxfb_crtc2 that's built along with the matroxfb_maven.  For anyone
> using a G400 this will probably be a little different for you, but I know
> above should work with a G200.
> For mplayer try -vo xvidix:mga_vid.so . . . I find that it works better
> mplayer's own -vo xmga driver which requires a kernel module to be loaded.
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