[mythtv] Re: How does this setup sound?

Michael D. Cencula mythtvuser at cencula.com
Mon Jan 27 01:21:24 EST 2003

Recently got my remote working with this very card.  It went quite smoothly.  
I'll be posting a lirc .src.rpm and config file in the near future.  (Along 
with a bunch of other myth-related rpms)  Or just d/l from www.lirc.org.


On Sunday 26 January 2003 21:55, Tim Schindler wrote:
> Okay, since the All In Wonder is not going to do TV capture, I have decided
> to dump that. Now, I think I'm going to try and go for the WinTV-PCI. Now,
> theres just another problem. I have no idea where to get WinTV-PCI. Mind
> you, it's not WinTV-Go, its WinTV-Pci. Its the one with the stereo sound
> and the remote control. Do the remote controls work fine? I couldnt find
> any review sites that had reviews on TV tuners. Anyone care to share any
> sites?
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