[mythtv] Recommended inexpensive _stereo_ tv tuner/capture card?

Michael Bourgon michael_bourgon at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 26 13:18:10 EST 2003

Howdy, all.  I'm hoping to build a dedicated mythtv
box in the next month or so, and I'm busy trying to
figure out all the parts I need.

I plan on doing dual capture, so a athlon 1800+ seems
to be the way to go.  I'll use an old capture card,
connected to the cable box, for "live tv". The sound
and video will go from the cable box to the capture
card and onboard sound card.  

However, for the second card, I'd like to do stereo
tv.  I know for mono tuners that the WinTV-GO and TV
Wonder VE are recommended, but what would you
recommend for a relatively inexpensive stereo TV
capture card?  Also, I'd like to be able to use the
BTAudio, since then I won't need to buy an additional
soundcard.  Most of the recommendations I see here
mention chipsets and the like, but what are the actual
product names? 

Ideas?  Recommendations?  Things to avoid?  Many


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