[mythtv] s-video input / widescreen tv ?

Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Sun Jan 26 08:20:48 EST 2003

> Van: Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com>
> Erik Arendse wrote:
> ...
>> We have a special broadcast norm being introduced (since 1995)  which 
>> uses PAL to transmit a letterboxed image, but in the black bars 
>> below/above the picture extra lines are hidden (in such a way to be 
>> below the blacklevel on a normal TV). Using a framebuffer a PAL-Plus TV 
>> can use these to reconstruct a 16:9 image with a higher resolution 
>> compared to the letterboxed one visible on the 4:3 TV.
> If I understand this correctly, the letterboxed lines in
> the 4:3 image are common to both then every third or fourth
> PAL-Plus line is added. Are there any capture cards capable
> of doing this reconstruction? Or, at least assign digital
> values to the blacker-than-black information so that the
> reconstruction could be done in software?

Unsure, for example my Terratec Cinergy can "do" 16:9 PAL, but if this is
PAL Plus...

And you would need to reconstruct the recorded signal for your TV wouldn't
you? Else you have quite a lot of information loss, which should have beeen
stored in the 'black' bars.

I'm unsure if scart/composite doesn't have an internal solution to this,
since you don't "broadcast" (in cable frequencies) on it, but rather
transmit a color signal (AFAIK). If so you should hope that your TV-out
also supports this.

Not using cable, but scart instead, adds a bit of complication down here.
My sister is 'deaf', 70% hearing loss. So we have a loop/coil around our
living room that transmits (magneticaly) the sound from the TV to her
hearingaids. The TV can transmit the audio signal to ext2 (the other scart
plug). But #$@%^$# it only does this with either TV, 'front' or 'aux' (1st
scart plug). Switching can be done via the TVs menu. Which means that I
can't run MythTV comfortably next to our normal VCR. Not really your
problem, but any suggestion is welcome.

	Henk Poley <><

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