[mythtv] lirc and ff and rew

Larry Matter mythtv at matter.net
Sat Jan 25 21:34:15 EST 2003

I haven't played too much with lirc, but don't the page-up/page-down
buttons do what you're talking about (except, I think they default to 10
minutes).  I guess if you have enough remote buttons you could map to


> Anyone can suggest a way to have multiple ff and rew speeds with myth? I
> use  a lirc remote and have the the navigation keys set as sticky in
> settings.txt.
> This works fine but generally only moves at about 2x normal speed.
> Ideally  what I want is to define a second set of buttons that can ff/ew
> in say 5  minute increments more like the default behaviour of 0.7 out
> of the box.   This way I can navigate and see what I may be missing and
> can also quickly  forward through long commercials etc.
> Any suggestions?
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