[mythtv] Help, plaeas, Debian mysql problems

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Sat Jan 25 20:55:40 EST 2003

On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 06:50:51AM -0500, stan wrote:

> > mythtv's dependencies are specified in the package metadata (Depends:
> > field), and automatically handled by apt and dpkg.  MythTV does not even
> > directly require mysql; it needs whatever version of libqt3-mt-mysql works
> > with your libqt3-mt, and a mysql server somewhere (doesn't matter what
> > version).
> Well, that's not really correct.

Truly, it is correct.

> That's where I am today, and at this point in time, neither can mythtv
> connect to create it's schemas, nor can I connect to mysql as it's root
> user. nor can I change the root mysql password using the appripriate mysql
> tool.

OK, then in that case it is clear to you that the problem is not with
mythtv.  If you cannot even connect to mysql using the command line tool, it
is not mythtv's fault, or the mythtv packages' fault.

> I'm not about to do a re-install of a perfectly good computer with a years
> worth of configuration, and tweaking on, as a hwim to try to install
> mythtv. And even if I did, I'd still be back to my original problem with
> it.
> So, what I have is a problem with the combination of  mythtv, and debians
> packages. I doubt that anyone _not_ using muthtv would have a clue where to
> start, regardles of how expert thay might be in mthtv

No, what you have is a problem with mysql, which is preventing mythtv from
working because it relies on a working mysql server.  Anyone with basic
knowledge of mysql would have a clue how to fix this, even if they had never
heard of mythtv.

If you try "mysql -u root" and the connection fails, then there is a root
password set in mysql, and you need to specify that password using
"mysql -u root -p" (it will prompt you).  If you do not know what the
password is, follow the instructions in the mysql documentation for changing
the password, or possibly purge and reinstall mysql-server.

Once you have fixed this, specify the _correct_ mysql root password (if any)
to mythtv during its configuration sequence.

If you need further help with mysql, ask on a mysql mailing list.  If you
need further help managing Debian packages other than those for MythTV, ask
on debian-user at lists.debian.org.  I am not likely to answer any further
questions in this thread.

 - mdz

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