[mythtv] openbrick / frontend

Stephan Wentz wentz at gmx.de
Fri Jan 24 11:53:03 EST 2003

hi all...

anyone ever heard of openbrick's? just read about it in a daily newsletter, 
looks really interesting:


OpenBrick is based on a Geode 300 MHz processor. It includes a 100 Mbps RJ45 
connetcory, a parallele port, a dual USB port, a TV out, a VGA out, a serial 
port, a PS/2 port for keyboard and mouse, a dual audio in port (line/mic), an 
audio out port, a PCMCIA interface (WiFi, additional Ethernet) and a CF card 
slot (slolid state disk). RAM can be extended up to 256 MB RAM. The enclosure 
can contain a 2.5 inch hard disk.

these "bricks" are available for about 300$, and i think they would be perfect 
for a frontend-machione (no fan -> no noise), but i'm wondering if it has 
enough power for decoding the stream?
i'm still searching for a good solution, i have a server in my basement which 
does all the backend-work, and i'm searching for a small frontend-machine, 
thought of the xbox first, but this openbrick would fit even better...

so can someone tell me if the geode 300 mhz would suffice for decoding?

bye, stephan

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