[mythtv] Audio but no video?

bcolber1 at cox.net bcolber1 at cox.net
Fri Jan 24 01:40:07 EST 2003

I should also add that I can see in the directory I 
specified as my storage directory what appears to be the 
recorded file, but when I select the play recordings 
button the list is empty? 
> From: <bcolber1 at cox.net> 
> Date: 2003/01/23 Thu PM 07:41:20 EST 
> To: mythtv-dev at snowman.net 
> Subject: [mythtv] Audio but no video? 
> Hi folks, 
> Great project, by-the-way. 
> Here is my problem... 
> I have a system that works great with xawtv.  It's 
running RedHat 8.0, ATI TV-Wonder.  It's a bit on the weak 
side, AMD K6-2 450Mhz, 192 Megs Ram, Voodoo3 video (PCI). 
> I compiled MythTV quite easily (thank you for the great 
build process).  I got the channel guide populated.  I'm 
able to bring up the front-end and check the guide.  It 
appears to record video, but I am unable to play my 
recordings, or watch "live" tv with MythTV.  I can hear 
the audio from the TV-Wonder card, but no vide, in MythTV. 
> Any ideas where I can start to debug this? 
> Thanks, 
> Brad 
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