[mythtv] Help, plaeas, Debian mysql problems

Fredrik Nyberg DC nba at abo.fi
Thu Jan 23 15:29:03 EST 2003

> That's where I am today, and at this point in time, neither can mythtv
> connect to create it's schemas, nor can I connect to mysql as it's root
> user. nor can I change the root mysql password using the appripriate mysql
> tool.

I think mysql uses a table in the database for usernames and passwords. 
You should be able to change them there as root. (This rulez: apt-get 
install webmin-mysql). I got mythtv to work (sort of) on debian with 
apt, but I dispaired due to not reading the docs for installation 
closely enough. Make sure you have the QTDIR variable set to where your 
QT-mysql-driver is (/usr/lib/qt3 for me). Check that you have a valid 
$PREFIX/share/mythtv/mysql.txt file (probably /usr/local). And have you 
created the tables for mythtv in mysql (probably not, if you can't 
connect to it).

I decided to install mythtv from source on Debian 3.0 stable, since I 
have burned my fingers on unstable packages one time too many (like 
upgrading to a defunct libc6, ouch!).

I am a total newbie to mythtv, so I hope I am neither leading you astray 
nor sounding patronizing when I say: read the docs closely!

Good luck!


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