[mythtv] recording directv line-in

March the Mad Scientist kennric at hypothetical.net
Thu Jan 23 03:16:46 EST 2003

I am very pleased with MythTv so far, but there are a few things I wish
it would do but it doesn't seem to.

Basically, I have a directv box that I watch via svideo in to my
Hauppage wintv card. I am able to watch it with MythTv, pause and play,
etc (after some fiddling with btaudio), but I can't record from it.
Obviously MythTv can't change channels on the directtv box, but I would
like to start recording shows I am currently watching... The svideo in
is seen as Channel 0 (or AUX) on the WinTv card, and when I hit M, I get
the grid for the TV tuner, but it doesn't have channel 0 or AUX, or

Would importing the directtv listings to the database help this? 

I am using version 0.7 on a dual athlon Gentoo box, btw.

Otherwise, I am amazed this program works as well as it does, I can't
wait to see how it develops.

March the Mad Scientist <kennric at hypothetical.net>

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