[mythtv] Re: How does this setup sound?

Ryan A. Carris rac at racarris.com
Tue Jan 21 18:39:51 EST 2003

I bought my Hauppage 401 WinTV-PCI before Christmas from 
http://www.mwave.com for ~$80.  I've purchased quite a bit of hardware 
from them.  They are very good on price and service.

So far, I'm very happy with the card, but the remote does not work under 
Linux.  I've read that there are cards that work at OfficeMax for ~$40, 
but can not confirm.


Tim Schindler wrote:
> Okay, since the All In Wonder is not going to do TV capture, I have 
> decided to dump that. Now, I think I'm going to try and go for the 
> WinTV-PCI. Now, theres just another problem. I have no idea where to get 
> WinTV-PCI. Mind you, it's not WinTV-Go, its WinTV-Pci. Its the one with 
> the stereo sound and the remote control. Do the remote controls work 
> fine? I couldnt find any review sites that had reviews on TV tuners. 
> Anyone care to share any sites?
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