[mythtv] Box Processor Limits

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Tue Jan 21 15:59:12 EST 2003

I understand about the upper limits, I've never tried anything
more than 640x480 on a NTSC signal.  I was more interested
in resolutions lower than this.  If it can be anything (reasonable),
then the crash I saw should probably be looked at as a possible
bug.  If there are certain "magic" resolutions lower that
do work beside what I know about, that's what I'm more interested

As for CPU power, I've been playing on 2 different machines.
A single p2-450 can only handle 320x240 to play/record at the
same time.  I hope to add a second p2-450 CPU soon; hopefully
I can raise it up a bit.  A second machine, a dual P3-1000
can handle full 640x480 with full timeshifting at pretty
high quality settings.  But occasionally it gets some
troubles with paging and disk activity; it has 750Meg ram
on 80MB/sec Scsi disks so I'm not quite sure why its having
these problems yet.  I think running KDE as the WM is part
of the problems.

BTW.  How much CPU do people typically see their Xserver
taking (as shown by top).  I've seen it anywhere between
almost 0% to 15%, within the same few minutes with no
noticable difference in tasks running.  Any clue?


On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Robert Kulagowski wrote:

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> > I've never seen any docs or writeup as to what resolutions are ok. 
> In NTSC, there's no point in trying to exceed 480 for the vertical. 
> For PAL, it's 576.  There's just not any more information in the
> analog signal.
> For horizontal, the maximum you could get is going to be 720.  Trying
> to encode 30fps at 640x480 is going to be hard enough.
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